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Meet Christopher

Executive Coach for Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Professional experience

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help people. Growing up in a single parent home, I was a supporter and ally, a problem solver and empathetic listener. Through listening to friends and family, I became the person to go to when they were stuck, frustrated, sad or faced with a challenge. My career breakthrough moment came during my consulting career where I was coaching a particularly difficult manager. He was frustrated, abrasive, confrontational and very difficult to deal with. The weeks and months lead to me understanding the reason as to why he was like that. He had recently been promoted and given no training or mentorship. He was expected to run a team where his colleagues now reported to him. Furthermore, he was bringing his difficult personal life with him to work, which ultimately was the main reason for the abrasive behaviour. As he opened up, we spoke about professional and personal challenges and how to work through them. His attitude and work changed drastically and it was wonderful to see him taking his new role in his stride. It was at this moment that I realised that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. 

As a certified coach, it is my honour and privilege to provide a safe and non-judgemental space for people to share their stories and to gently begin exploring some of the behaviours and beliefs that are holding them back from leading the life they want.
I hold an Organizational Coaching certification through the University of British Columbia, a BA International Relations through Stellenbosch University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business through Witwatersrand University. I am also PEERS certified through the University of California. Although my degrees and certifications have certified me to do this work, I believe that my personal relationships and experiences have best prepared me to be an effective coach.

Personal Background

Growing up in South Africa, I was exposed to many different cultures and beliefs. My training and coaching is deeply rooted around my entrepreneurial experience and my 16 years in consulting. Through my consulting experience and coaching, I've developed supportive structures for individuals who think differently. In my downtime, I enjoy spending my time outdoors hiking, mountain biking and fishing the beautiful BC rivers.

ICF Executive Coach

My Coaching Style

My approach is a directive one which is based off my business consulting with a mixture of both vision and transformational coaching. While my role is of a facilitator, I like to challenge my clients to grow and push their thinking, which in turn allows for growth. My style is one of strategic formulation and personal journey. In other words, how has your belief system and personal background brought you to where you are today. This challenge and approach is brought about in an entirely non judgmental and neutral space.


I work with the client where they are in that particular moment, while ensuring that we remain objective in what we are trying to achieve for that session. A safe space to share and be vulnerable is created by being committed to the ICF code of ethics and confidentiality. I’m an ally, supporter and accept people for who they are. My clients range across all genders, sexual orientation and races. This safe space is forged right in the beginning of our relationship working together.

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