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What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool for individuals seeking personal and professional growth. I work with you to achieve specific goals, unlocking your potential while improving your performance. This is done by asking powerful questions, which in turn prompts self reflections. I help you identify your own solutions and strategies. My main role as a coach and facilitator is to ensure you stay on track with your goals, sharing insight and perspectives along the way.


What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

While both share the ability to foster personal growth, coaching and therapy are significantly different for a few reasons. In coaching, we focus on present goals and future potential, while therapy focuses on the past and how it has affected your emotional wellbeing. We also share similar methods and techniques, but use them for different outcomes. In my practice, visualization, mindfulness and various CBT methods are used to enhance my coaching.


Is coaching and advisory the same?

Coaching and advisory are not the same and differ in a number of ways. I wrote an article here to explain things better. While coaching focuses on self-discovery and learning, advisory often focuses on providing expert advice and solutions. A coach acts as a facilitator and partner, guiding the coachee to uncover their own answers. An advisor acts as an expert, offering their knowledge and recommendations. Coaching aims for sustainable growth and self-reliance, while advisory aims for immediate problem-solving.


What does the coaching process look like?

In the initial call, we go through your interest in coaching and what you are looking to resolve. I go through your understanding of coaching and general expectations. We then setup an session 0, which takes a deeper dive into your goals. The next few sessions are carefully constructed based on personal preference, exercises completed and where you currently are. My sessions are offered individually or at a discounted bundle rate. Each of my sessions are 1 hour.

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