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Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Meet Christopher

Executive Coach Specializing in Entrepreneurs and Leadership

Hi! I'm Christopher. I am a UBC certified coach and the founder of West Coast Executive Coaching. For the longest time I've wanted to help people and solve their biggest challenges, both professionally and personally. I came to realize that what fills me up is helping people achieve their dreams.

My passion lies in working with people looking to achieve their stretch goal. That goal that seems impossible until it's actually achieved. I am a strong believer in diversity, equity and inclusion in life and in the workplace. I also work with Neurodiverse individuals, helping them achieve their best both professionally and personally. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Successful ICF Executive Coach

What I Specialize In

Executive Coaching

Business Advisory

PEERS Coaching

Workplace Neurodiversity


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver

“Christopher is a brilliant executive coach.  Working with him is transforming your thinking, unclogging your vision, and most importantly sets you in motion.  He swiftly supports you seeing your next steps with a defined action plan.  I have the highest praise and recommendation for his executive coaching services, his effective and approachable, yet no-nonsense approach that will elevate your vision, leadership, and business accomplishments”
“As part of my journey to become an organizational coach, after many years as a senior corporate executive, I have the privilege to have Christopher as a go-to coach. Calm and deeply attentive, Christopher has an intuitive feel for business issues and this forms the basis for his valuable coaching insights. I warmly recommend Chris as a trusted partner for organizations looking to unleash the potential of their team members.”
“Chris is a natural leader and has a great coaching style. I have seen him coaching team members in my
Consulting firm and also with our clients first hand. He is a leader that deeply cares about the community we live in and he is passionate about living in British Columbia. I have seen him coach the team and organizations to not only care about the business performance but to consider the impact to the community from a social and environmental perspective.”

- Mona T

- Brian H

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